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Testosterone Boosters for Men
Testosterone Boosters for Men
Normal Testosterone Levels Tampa FL

Normal Testosterone Levels

Tampa Normal Testosterone Levels
Normal Testosterone Levels in and near Tampa Florida

Normal Testosterone Levels

What is Considered Normal?

The Endocrine Society considers the normal range of Total Testosterone for a healthy male to be between 300 to 1200 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Some testing centers consider their “normal” range to be 348 – 1197 ng/dL, while some have an even lower standard of 250 – 1100 ng/dL. The problem is that there has not been much standardization and other factors like age and fitness level are not considered in the reference ranges. No matter how you look at it, total testosterone is only a fraction of the whole picture. There are many additional factors that must be considered when assessing if a man is testosterone deficient. Don’t let your testosterone treatment (or denial of treatment) be determined by only your Total Testosterone result.

Are Your Levels Normal?

So let’s say you just had your annual physical and your total testosterone levels came back at 350 ng/dL. That means you are normal, right? Maybe if you are a 75-year-old man on painkillers with Type 2 diabetes. Barely being in the “normal” range doesn’t mean you feel any better than the guy who is 345 ng/dL. You may feel even worse than the guy at 345 ng/dL if your Free Testosterone levels are lower than his!

Determining Treatment

It is fairly common to see a man with a total testosterone level above 348 ng/dL, but still experiencing symptoms associated with low testosterone. We use a combination of blood tests like total testosterone, free testosterone, FSH, LH, IGF-1 and others to evaluate of your symptoms to determine if treatment is needed. Once we determine there is a need for testosterone replacement therapy, then an evaluation of your blood work will tell us which testosterone boosters will be most effective or if you could benefit from growth hormone peptide therapy.

Normal Testosterone Levels Tampa FL
Testosterone Boosters For Men
Tampa Normal Testosterone Levels
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