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Testosterone Boosters for Men
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Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer Tampa FL

Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer

Tampa Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer
Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer in and near Tampa Florida

Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer

Myth – Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer

This is one of the most common myths about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Two scientists in 1941 noticed that prostate cancer regressed after they castrated a patient and his testosterone levels dropped severely. They made a conclusion based on a single patient that there was a correlation between his testosterone levels and prostate cancer. There is NO scientific evidence indicating that testosterone causes prostate cancer. Take a second to think about when men usually develop prostate cancer. It happens when we are older and their testosterone levels have dropped significantly. It is extremely rare hear about a 19 year old male developing prostate cancer when they are at their peak production of testosterone.

With That Said

It is important to understand that if prostate cancer is already present in a man, then testosterone could accelerate the growth of the cancer. In order to protect our patient’s health, we screen every patient’s Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) before starting testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) and refer you to the appropriate specialist if there is any concern.

Please Be Advised

If you currently have prostate cancer, we do not recommend testosterone therapy. But, if your prostate cancer is in complete remission, then there is a possibility under the proper supervision that TRT could be provided.

Take Proper Precautions

In general, aging males are more likely to develop prostate issues. So it is smart for all aging males, whether on TRT or not, to take a specially formulated prostate protection supplement that regulates prolactin & DHT conversion, reduces frequent urination and ultimately keeps your prostate as healthy as possible. Stop by our clinic to try a bottle or go to the Testosterone Supplements page on the left sidebar menu for a link to have one shipped to you.

You Should Know

High levels of estrogen may lead to prostate problems, breast enlargement, mood swings and erectile dysfunction. Some testosterone will convert to estrogen regardless of whether it is being naturally produced (endogenous testosterone) or being introduced from an external source (exogenous testosterone) such as a testosterone injection. The good news is that excess estrogen conversion can be prevented and treated. We offer our patients an aromatase inhibitor (a.k.a. anti-estrogen medication) to reduce complications associated with high levels of estrogen. If you are not one of our patients, but you have been prescribed some type of testosterone replacement therapy, it is very important that your physician monitors your estrogen levels. Please contact one of our specialists for further information regarding anti-estrogen medications.

Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer Tampa FL
Testosterone Boosters For Men
Tampa Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer
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